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the artisan

Corabella was new on the scene in 2009, but it actually began much earlier....


the studio

How tools and a creative eye come together...


the elements

What goes into Corabella jewellery? Metals and materials...


the earth

Reducing our impact and making choices...


meet Tracey

about the artisan

As long as I can remember I've enjoyed making things. Growing up in a rural area beside a creek next to the woods I developed a keen interest in biology and a deep appreciation for our living earth. My family's d.i.y. spirit and creative drive imprinted on me, and in school already I was creating jewellery from wire, unaware that down the road I would return to wirework.

A biology degree and a career later, I became enamoured with wrapping copper wire into jewelry. In 2009 "Corabella" was established, named after my Oma who was called "Cora" by friends.

Based out of my home studio in Calgary, Alberta Canada, I design and make my pieces and do all the things like shipping, photography, and website.

a peek inside the studio

behind the scenes

I use hand tools like pliers and various shapes of mandrels to bend, twist, and form the wire. Hammering the wire stiffens it and also shapes, flattens, or adds texture to the metal. Many pieces are oxidized, speeding up the natural patina forming process, to lend a boho casual vintage vibe. This look also forgoes the need for polishing since the patina is an intentional aspect of the design.

My signature design, the Corabella wire flower, blossomed in August 2010. The wire dragonfly emerged in spring of 2011 and continues to be a fan favourite, closely followed by the singular leaf and the swirly heart.

I hope you enjoy the whimsy and fun of my pieces as much as I enjoy creating them!




Corabella's chain and wire are solid metal, not plated. I believe this difference means they will better withstand wear over time.

Our solid copper and brass are nickel free. Our brass chain and wire is an alloy comprised of 80-85% copper and 20-15% zinc.

Sometimes we use stainless steel - like the type used for spoons and forks. The colour of stainless steel is a somewhat darker silver colour than sterling silver, but it will not rust, tarnish, or change colour.


Czech glass beads are among my favourite. Known for their quality and rich colour, they are considered the finest, most beautiful glass beads in the world. These durable, non-porous and easy care beads have been crafted for generations traditionally in Bohemia (now part of the Czechia). Today, many small family owned companies still remain, making small batches of beads of their own unique designs.

with respect for our earth

reducing our impact

It is important to me to be kind to the earth and minimize the impact my small business has on the environment by mindfully selecting materials, supplies, and processes. Here is some of what we're doing:

  • Handmade parts: many parts we need we make ourselves from the same wire we already use. This reduces the need to buy hundreds of tiny individually packaged parts like ear wires, clasps, headpins, etc.

  • Materials: we use reclaimed solid copper electrical wire, and chain + wire with recycled content.

  • Czech glass beads rather than mined gemstones.

  • We do NOT use organza baggies or plastic baggies.

  • Wrap and ship product in recycled tissue, reclaimed cardboard, and ship in recyclable (single material), re-usable or re-used packaging.