about the artisan

Corabella handcrafted wirework jewelry is created by me, Tracey Morelli, in Calgary, Alberta Canada. I'm from a family of d.i.y./creative people. Thankfully, I inherited that gene too! I grew up in a beautiful rural area beside a creek next to the woods, and along the way I developed a keen interest in biology (I have a BSc hon degree) and a deep appreciation for our living earth.

"Corabella" was established 2009, named after my Oma who was called "Cora" by friends. I design and make all my pieces, and also do my own photography, website design, etc..

My favourite materials are repurposed solid copper electrical wire, reclaimed silk sari ribbon, vintage treasures like key & buttons, and natural materials like driftwood.


behind the scenes

To make my wirework designs and components I use hand tools to bend, twist, and shape wire.

I often oxidize my pieces, speeding up a natural process. The patina adds depth and a vintage vibe. No lacquer, coating or plating is added; chain and wirework are left in a natural raw state.

My signature design, the Corabella wire flower, blossomed in August 2010 after months of visualizing, doodling, trial and error. The dragonfly design emerged in the spring of 2011, and since then, many more (leaf, cat, bird, elephant, heart, etc.).

I hope you enjoy the whimsy and fun of my pieces as much as I enjoy creating them!


Quality ingredients. My chain and wire are solid - not plated! I believe this quality difference stands the test of time.

I choose materials and supplies mindfully, considering their environmental impact. Often I pay more for a similar supply sourced closer to home and/or from manufacturers with eco-responsible practices in place.

A bit about my favourite ingredients:

Czech Glass Beads

Czech glass beads are known for their quality and rich colour, and are considered the finest, most beautiful glass beads in the world, They are durable, non-porous and easily cleaned. Traditionally crafted for generations in Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic). Many small, family owned companies still remain, making small batches of beads of their own unique designs. My favourite bead suppliers!

Solid Copper
  • I use only solid copper, not plated!
  • Wire and chain from reputable and family-owned Canadian and USA suppliers, ensuring high quality, and free of nickel, lead, cadmium, and mercury. Contains recycled content.
  • Reclaimed solid copper electrical wire,
Solid Brass
  • I use jewellers brass (analloy of 80-85% copper with 20-15% zinc,).
  • Wire and chain sourced from reputable and family-owned Canadian and USA suppliers, ensures high quality, and free of nickel, lead, cadmium, and mercury. Contains recycled content.
Stainless Steel
  • I use the same type of stainless steel used in food applications: 304, 304L, 316 stainless steel.
  • Wire and chain are free of lead, cadmium, and mercury.
  • Being non-reactive, stainless steel will not rust, tarnish, or change colour. It is very durable.

with respect for our earth

It is important to me to be kind to the earth and minimize the impact my small business has on the environment by carefully choosing materials, supplies, and processes. This area we hope to constantly evaluate and find ways to improve,

Our Earth Policy:


  • I make most of my findings (ear wires, clasps, headpins, etc.). This not only adds to the design, it reduces the need to buy the little parts in hundreds of tiny packages.
  • I use the best quality glass beads rather than mined gemstones because they do not have the ethical or environmental issues of mining stones.
  • Creating quality pieces that are made to last (not plated), and (just in case) also easily repairable.
  • I choose materials and supplies mindfully, sourcing from eco-responsible suppliers where possible and selecting those with a lower impact on the environment.
  • When available, I use ethically sourced, sustainable materials, and purchase supplies from local businesses
  • We use all LED lights.


  • To wrap your purchase, I use recycled tissue . No nylon organza bags! (Nylon bags are pretty and cheap, but they take decades to decompose!)
  • Some designs I create specifically to use up leftover cut-offs of wire and chain rather than scrapping them.
  • Repurposed and natural objects into designs - vintage keys, driftwood.
  • Reclaimed solid copper electrical wire I use for making pendants and clasps.
  • Display fixtures I make by repurposing things.


  • Our chain & wire has recycled content, and the scrap bits are collected for recycling.
  • Single material recyclable bubble envelopes, and re-used or recyclable packaging.
  • Recycled paper supplies, and of course, practice recycling.